Daily Reflection 17: Questions On Questions

A large part of the last two weeks has been asking myself questions. Almost every time I write a reflection I wind up ending with questions at the end of the post. I am not quite sure what to make of the practice, but today I tried a short exercise related to my constant questions. As I was considering ways to approach the study of design methods focused on “non-designers” I found that I simply posed question after question after question. Without knowing exactly what to expect, I decided to print off the list of questions and hand-write responses to them — almost as if I were critiquing someone else’s work. Some of my responses included further questions, others were comments or explanations regarding the original prompt. With work, I think this could become a valuable work process, but in the future I think I need to set a deliberate focus for what I am responding to. Today I wound up having responses to many topic questions in a row, and then I hit a few for which I didn’t have an immediate reply. I initially thought that I landed on a topic question that I couldn’t respond to without learning a great deal more about (which seems quite promising in searching for an area to research). Although, it is also possible that I just hit a mental speed bump. Either way, I think I am going to try and develop it further as a process for reflection and critique.

Some of the questions that stumped me were:

What role does visualization play in strategic planning among non-designers?

Does participatory visualization affect organizational sensemaking?

Do visual artifacts impact long-term innovation in an organization of non-designers?

How do designers and non-designers experience the co-design process?

It seems like there might be something about the way these questions are written that a more experienced researcher could identify as a reason for why they tripped me up. I am a little self-conscious because I have had my fair share of education in the art of crafting a researchable question, but at the same time I am pretty new to the process still and I don’t mind admitting that I have a lot of learning to do.