Daily Reflection 11: More Facilitation

Before moving forward, I have a fundamental question to ask myself:

Is design facilitation a worthy topic of research?

At this point I am not quite sure, so I am going to make a pros/cons list.

– just the fact that the phrase “design facilitation” exists suggests that it is a real practice that people have recognized
– “design facilitation” literally means “making design easier” which is important if I believe design can be used to solve social problems in communities and organizations
– organizations appear to increasingly look to design to support “innovation” (which often comes from consultancies?)
– could clarify this “new role” of designers so that designers can better prepare for it
– could provide basis for further development/refinement of the practice (to produce “better” results?)

– too vague, inconsistent, unpredictable to research
– the question: what about design are people facilitating? (the whole thing? just the visual part? just the “synthesis” part?)
– not much immediately apparent research on design facilitation (could this be a pro?)
– if someone/something facilitates design it should fit in with the activities, knowledge, tools, methods, processes of design, which are specific to each design project, designer, etc
– is design facilitation truly unique compared to general facilitation?