Daily Reflection 07: Presentations & Proposals

Today was a busy day, starting off with a brief presentation introducing myself to the office at Ergonomidesign. As usual, nerves made the start a little shaky and I forgot to say a few key points. However, by the end I started to feel slightly more comfortable. I was pretty aware of my usual presentation quirks: muttering awkwardly hurried sentences under my breath and waving my hands around as I talk, which I will continue to work on next time I present in the future — which is Wednesday.

Segue to the recap of my day. After the morning meeting, the rest of my day was spent working on my research proposal presentation for Wednesday. Basically I am working on a way to present the maps of my topic area. Ideally I would like to be able to offer some specific literature to support my justification, however at this point I have yet to dive into any key texts. My presentation for Wednesday will mostly focus on the justification that design methods used for analysis and synthesis in problem solving are valuable to study because the more we know about them the greater opportunity we have to teach them and scale them to drive social innovation. Looking forward to receiving feedback on my progress so far. At the very least, I hope to articulate my project much more clearly by the end of the week.