Weekly Update 02: Early Topic Mapping

My main efforts this week have been placing my project within the bigger picture of design. The system I have mapped out (see attached) is meant to help me target resources/literature and understand how they relate to each other. I hesitated about diving into mapping methods without having a clear understanding of what I was looking for. Hopefully these more general maps will be a useful guide when I start mapping out methods.

Here’s a little summary of what you’ll be looking at:

Page 1) Overview of how I progressed from the initial DESMA prompt to my working argument and direction of study

Page 2) Map of where my research could be positioned in the design process and design field. I am using a model developed by Hugh Dubberly that provides a very generic description of the design process. I think it is helpful for positioning my project without getting too bogged down semantics over steps in the design process.

Page 3) Diagram of literature and theories that are relevant to, or support (hopefully) my argument and direction

Although the maps are designed, they are still very much working visualizations and I plan on revising them continuously as I work. Right now they are mostly filled with my own initial assumptions. My goal is for them to help me focus my reading a little bit. For the most part I have only limited understanding of a lot of the concepts/theories I have put down right now, so don’t be surprised if you find something totally ridiculous or unfounded.