Daily Reflection 02: Surveying the Landscape

I am starting the research process by spreading out wide. Today was all about breadth. Letting myself following trails of sources throughout the day, I attempted to map out topics that are relevant to my interest in design methods. Meandering through sources certainly has its dangers — I find myself keenly aware of the potential to force together seemingly related topics, or pursuing a direction that does not connect with my original concept. In the past, surveying literature has raised a fair amount of anxiety in my life. Today, I find that embracing a literature survey with an open-mind and a conscious understanding that I will not define the direction I am headed today helped keep things in perspective. I find myself much more comfortable with the research process without the pressure to know something right now. Pressure will come eventually, but I find it reassuring that I have already learned from my past experiences in the process.

Constructive outcomes of my day include some of the following thoughts and questions:

– how do cognitive science and pragmatism relate?
– how do people learn design methods? consider students entering design school for the first time. how do they react? does their design education influence their learning in other areas? what are the best ways to teach design methods?
– do cognitive science and/or pragmatism support the learning of design methods/methodology?
– what role does framing play in design methods?
– how can framing be important in other contexts?

Time to begin synthesizing some of this information, but first I need to sort through the mess of articles on my desktop.