Daily Reflection 01: Setting the Stage

Before getting underway with my research project I need to establish a few ground rules and guiding principles for the immense undertaking of three years of research and the pursuit of a PhD. As a method for working through ideas and practicing my writing, I will be maintaining short daily reflections during the week. In order to keep my journaling manageable, I have a recurring reminder and a time limit of 20 minutes. I haven’t attempted daily documentation before, but hopefully getting in the habit now will pay off down the road.

Today was an early milestone in the DESMA project. Sitting down with two of my advisors brought forth some important considerations that I need to manage throughout my research project. In particular, an essential focus more me will be process management. Maintaining focus on one topic at a time, organizing my resources, and engaging in clear and concise communication are practices that I am committed to maintaing over the course of the next few years. My daily reflections are the first piece to that puzzle, but I will undoubtedly refine the practices, methods, and tools that I use throughout the research process, just like any good designer would hope to 🙂